Our hens live according to nature just like in olden times and they are free to roam and forage. Their well-being and a natural diet are the secret of our flavoursome and high-quality eggs.

What we care about most on our farm is the animals' well-being.

We have no over-crowded sheds or barns, no 'pumped' feeds and we use no colourants for our eggs.

On our farm 100 hens are free to forage and roam over more than 5 hectares with more than 1500 walnut trees offering shade. This means that each hen has 500sqm (laws on organic farming require 10sqm per hen). This means that there is no competition and no animal has to fight for shade or to rest on the branch of a tree.


Our wide open spaces allow a more natural diet as each hen can peck around for what she likes most - from a blade of fresh grass to tiny insects to small stones (which assist digestion and provide the necessary amount of calcium to harden egg-shells).

To complete their diets, we use top-quality grains which are strictly organic and mainly grown by us.

This, and only this, is what gives the unique flavour, quality and colour to our eggs.


Furthermore, with so much space available, it isn't hard for our hens to find an ideal spot to bathe in the dust. This is no game (even if they enjoy it and it soothes them): it is a natural way of getting rid of small parasites, lice and mites which are usually treated with chemicals in intensive chicken farming.

Ovosapiens goes way beyond just organic.

In Italy 3 years is legally enough to convert a farm to 'organic' as the soil needs time to purify itself and eliminate any chemical substances that may be present. Our farm hadn't cultivated the land which homes Ovosapiens for 40 years so it has been uncontaminated for decades and this is a guarantee for our eggs.

Once our hens reach an age where they no longer lay eggs, they are free to grow old peacefully in the place that has always been their home.

We welcome guests.

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